"Stand out performance for me, was Gerard Mapstone and Shenzo Gregorio accompanied by their 'cajon' player Will Eager. What a trio!!! The immaculate, articulate, eloquence, passion and beauty of melody and harmony, complemented by incredible intricate rhythmic motion and flow....

Shenzo’s luscious violin sound blended beautifully with Gerard’s brilliant, bold and majestic flamenco guitar.

This, meshed with the warm sound and solid rhythm of the 'cajon' lifted this trios music to the heights of heaven! Raising the vibration and spirits of all present.

The show in The Chapel was the most patient and powerful music I'd ever felt. The entire audience was awed to stillness and silence, with utter respect, until the very last breath of vibration had dispersed at the end of each song/sound scape. And even then, All hesitated to break the amazing quiet after tone to show our appreciation with applause.

Yet of course at the end of the set, all jumped to their feet giving a standing ovation to these master musicians, and asking for an encore! Each of the three sets presented by Mapstone and Gregorio was astounding pure beauty and magnificence. Where the audiences also received a lesson on Spanish provinces and rhythms and an understanding of the history and the place of this music in Spanish life.”

By Emmaline Anderson

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